Weaver Rivera Recommendation


To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Rachel Weaver Rivera, and I am writing to recommend Liza Sullivan for a position within your organization. I have known Liza since 2002, when we both worked at Chicago Children’s Museum (CCM). At the time we met, Liza was the Director of Educator Programs and I worked as Coordinator of the Artabounds Studio.

In the fall of 2009, just as I was entering my fourth year of self-employment as a an art education consultant at Imagine Art Studio, and just after Liza left her position as the Associate Vice President of Education at CCM, (planning to care for her twin children until their entrance into kindergarten in 2012), we co-founded ThroughPlay, a new educational resource for parents and educators. Our partnership allows us to support adults in facilitating a wide range of innovative, meaningful play experiences for young children. Our programs have specialized in designing, modeling and facilitating activities that build on children’s innate creativity and wonder, as well as constructing a foundation for learning.

As her colleague and business partner, I have seen how Liza’s talents and contributions have made a direct impact on the lives of many. I admire her dedication and leadership on boards and community projects such as The Alliance for Early Childhood, The Northshore Play Group, The Family Awareness Network of New Trier Township Schools, and her work with nationally-recognized, KaBoom. In all aspects of her career, Liza has initiated truly unique learning opportunities for children, and scaffolded educators, parents, and community members to a higher level of understanding about the connection between play and cognitive development.

I have come to know Liza as a person who listens carefully to others and seeks out experiences that deepened her understanding of issues at hand. She is a steady and thoughtful presence in a busy and demanding work environment. Liza brings intentionality to all she undertakes.

Liza’s advocacy for children’s growth and development through play, her education, entrepreneurship, writing skills, management experience, personal integrity, and dedication to learning as a way of life have prepared her for a position in your organization. Without question, I believe Liza’s leadership would be an amazing asset.

Warm Regards,

Rachel Weaver Rivera

Imagine Art Studio, Owner

219 Community Drive LaGrange Park, IL 60526

Email: imagineartstudio@sbcglobal.net Website: www.imagineartstudio.com