Select news articles about Liza Sullivan’s projects at The Alliance for Early Childhood (2013-2018)

Liza Sullivan initiated and managed the Preschool-Kindergarten Summit, a new annual all-day, revenue-generating conference (2016-2018). All three events sold out within two weeks, each serving 200+ educators.

This annual event is an opportunity for early childhood educators and administrators to convene to discuss best practices, early childhood education trends, and emerging research that promotes optimal development for youngest learners.

Liza Sullivan built strategies and vision to implement more free outreach events to boost agency reputation in community and open doors to ongoing relationships with families and early childhood educators. Record-setting attendance was achieved after partnering with Chicago area institutions (Chicago Botanic Garden, Kohl Children’s Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo and others) to establish free, seasonal community play days.

The practice of unstructured free play is universally accepted as critical to a child’s social, cognitive, physical, and emotional growth, and therefore, is essential to childhood. Yet, children today are playing less than any previous generation. Through the Let’s Play! Initiative, which Liza Sullivan established, The Alliance for Early Childhood strengthens children’s healthy growth and development by restoring child-initiated, creative play to children’s lives.