Plaskett Recommendation

November 7, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I am honored to recommend Liza Sullivan. I had the pleasure of working with Liza in a collegial relationship at Chicago Children’s Museum from 2007-2009, where Liza was Associate Vice-President of Education and I was Associate Vice-President of Community Connections. Liza was responsible for several teams including the Student and Educator Programs, Family Programs, and Guest Connections.

Liza was an exemplary team leader who had the respect and trust of her team members. Team functions were widely varied and included creating professional development and student programs, developing interactive family programs, and coaching guest relations staff. Liza had the knowledge and experience to successfully manage each team’s unique needs, giving each the support and the independence to thrive and grow. I can attest to the high performance of Liza’s teams, as I have taken over Student and Educator Programs in my current role. Because of Liza’s hard work, I have been able to transition easily to the team and continue to attain the high revenue and attendance standards that Liza initiated during her tenure.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Liza on many projects and committees during our time together. On all occasions, Liza was highly professional, efficient, and contributed to the overall success of the project. Additionally, Liza’s approach to collaboration was respectful and always included a sense of humor which was especially helpful when working together to write an in-depth proposal for the National Science Foundation within a tight time frame.

I am truly impressed with Liza’s command of knowledge about education and early learning. When developing program content and curriculum, Liza thoroughly researched the content, the audience, and the purpose to consistently develop high-quality learning experiences that effected results. Liza set high standards for herself and her colleagues at all times that contributed to CCM’s asset-based approach to success.

Liza will be a great addition to any organization that she chooses. This letter certainly does not capture all the terrific qualities that Liza brings to the table. Please feel free to contact me for more information.


Nancy Plaskett

Associate Vice President of Community, Student and Educator Programs

Chicago Children’s Museum

Phone: (312) 464-7651