McNamee Recommendation

November 16, 2011

To whom it may concern:

It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Liza Sullivan. I have known Liza for 3 years and hired her as an adjunct faculty member to supervise Erikson graduate students working at The Chicago Children's Museum, and in Chicago area public schools .

Liza is an experienced talented early childhood educator with professional skills that she can readily utilize in work with young children, their parents, and colleagues in school and non­ school settings. She has strong business, managerial and organizational skills, as well as a wonderful upbeat personality for working with people. Liza is at home among people of all ages, and an effective collaborator with professionals in museum, school and community organizations. She is also great with technology! Liza is effective in all that she undertakes, and follows through on every last detail. Liza is someone children and adults alike can count on.

Liza has a strong background in education and child development that has given rise to many creative diverse professional interests. She is an accomplished early childhood classroom teacher, and from that base of experience, she has branched out to explore the role that museums, parks and playgrounds, arts and community organizations can play in supporting the education and well being of young children in today's world - inner city, urban, and suburban.

Liza believes in the power of young children's play and the transformative role in can play in learning and health for children and their families in all areas: physical, intellectual, social and emotional.

I have great respect for Liza, and grateful for the ways she has contributed to the work of our graduate students. Liza's professional life is unfolding in exciting ways, and we at Erikson hope we can continue to work with her in some capacity. I am happy to speak further about Liza's professional skills, and the contributions she can and will make in future educational endeavors with teachers, children and families.


Gillian D. McNamee, Ph.D. Professor

Director, Teacher Education